Get booked on The Comedy Union Stage!

For nearly 2 decades we've witnessed the journey of comics becoming STARS. We provided a home comedy club for comics, especially black comics to constantly work out their material and perform in front of sold-out audiences. If you want to become part of that history, follow the steps below to get booked on our stage.


CALL 323-934-9300 on MONDAYS with your availability for the week! If you do not call, chances are you will probably not get booked. SO CALL IN! If you've called in and haven't been booked, keep calling, the right show will come up for you to perform!



New Comics:

If you have never performed at The Comedy Union, or it's been a while since you performed here please email with a link to any of your stand-up footage as well as your photo and availability. We will review and contact you if you're considered for future bookings.

This process can take up to 3 - 4 weeks, so don't get discouraged if you don't hear from us immediately.



Partner Networks:

We constantly have agents, managers, writers, producers, casting directors, and networks executives our audience of looking for new talent or that Next Big Star!


Here are some of our Partner Networks.